sobota, 14 lutego 2015

There's a world out there...

Nie mam na dzisiaj żadnej opowieści, ani rysunku. Mam jednak cytat z książki, którą aktualnie czytam. Kilka słów, może nawet całkiem prostych, ale wartych przemyślenia.
"I had no difficulty in picturing full theatres and cinemas long after I myself was gone. Not everyone can do that. Many are so intoxicated with sensual impressions that they're not able to grasp that there's a world out there. And therefore they're not able to comprehend the opposite either - they don't understand that one day the world will end. We, however, are only few missing heartbeats away from being divorced from humanity for ever."
Jostein Gaarder, The Ringmaster's Daughter, s. 55